The Best Newsletters I Actually Read Every Week

Let's face it: Most newsletters deserve for you to hit "unsubscribe" without a second thought, but...

I honestly would be devastated to lose access to any of these top-shelf newsletters.

They're a cheat code to spark creative ideas, level-up your skills, and broaden your intellectual horizons.

Hopefully they bring a smile to your face every week when you fire up your inbox too. Let's check them out. 👇

Lenny's Newsletter

Top notch product and growth advice from someone who's actually done the work as one of Airbnb's lead product managers.

If you build software for a living, it's an incredible value — especially if you're a Product Manager or Growth marketer. (Or in my case, both. There's a reason it's at the top of my list!) The Slack community for members is also uncommonly strong.

Nat Eliason's Monday Medley

Nat's an undeniably fascinating renaissance thinker.

Regenerative farming? Groundbreaking note-taking systems? The hidden perils of virtual reality? That's just scratching the surface of the far-flung topics Nat will reel you into on your journey.

Every week he serves up delightful commentary on a couple handfuls of links on wildly different topics. And it's always good.

Product Habits by Hiten Shah

The highest value-per-link newsletter I've found focused on SaaS, Product, and Marketing.

Every week I open Hiten's latest issue... and inevitably end up adding almost every link into Pocket to read and capture notes.

You'll have to forage for a hot minute through Twitter to discover half as many high-quality gems. Or you can just skim his list.


A witty, irreverent daily editorial summary of current news and events by Dave Pell.

Love puns? You won't be able to help but fall head-over-heels for his headlines.


Ben Thompson expertly dissects the strategic decisions of technology giants like Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.

His writing via Daily Updates and weekly free articles has been remarkably consistent, fresh, and valuable for anyone who thinks about technology.

David Perell

A natural writer, teacher, and wide-ranging seeker of intellectual topics.

In between evergreen writing tips, you'll discover links to a 15,000 word essay about liberal arts next to an economic study on the correlation between wages and perceived industry immorality.

James Clear

Short, stirring thoughts on self-improvement from the author of one of my all-time favorite productivity books, Atomic Habits.

His goal is simple: "Deliver the most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web."

Exploding Topics

Get 4 new trends that are surging in popularity in search engines like Google every Thursday.

You'll enjoy just enough bite-size commentary to decide whether the trend is worth digging into and incorporating into your next blog post or product concept.

It's like having a seasoned entrepreneur's virtual assistant plop a no-fluff report on an emerging area of opportunity every week.

Previous topics include micro-marketplaces, remote work, and paid communities. Expect a format that's biased toward action by clearly outlining the problem, solution, competitors, predictions, key lessons, and helpful links.