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A Delightfully Short Guide to Static Site Generators

Take a crash course through the most exciting tools that introduce API-driven content through GraphQL and even make it a snap to add smart functionality through serverless functions.

The Best Book on Startup Marketing: Traction

One primary factor separates new businesses with explosive growth from gut-wrenching failures: Traction. In this episode, I unpack one of the best books I

How I Landed My Dream Software Job in 12 Months

In this talk, Matt unpacks the 3 cornerstone habits that paved the way to consistently grow as a software developer, balloon his professional network, easily share the best takeaways to begin building an audience — and of course, get his dream software job.

Why Every Fast-Growing Professional Needs a 3-Circle Network

There's a more authentic way to grow your career faster and give back to the community. I call it building a 3-Circle Network and it's helped me land my dream job at a software startup and "randomly" get a YouTube video with 20,000+ views.

Set a Marketing Budget From Scratch in 5 Easy Steps

re going to start with some practical questions, use a couple rules of thumb, avoid discounting of-the-wall channels, and tie everything together by basing our marketing spend off our revenue goal.

How to Conduct an 80/20 Social Media Audit

A social media audit can provide desperately needed clarity by helping you clearly evaluate which channels are growing your business and which ones are draining your time, energy, and money.