Check out the books, podcasts, tools & software I've recommended most often.

True story: I kept finding myself recommending cool stuff to my friends, but... I'd always have to fumble around to find the links and forget, etc. etc. 🙄 This handy list solves that problem! I hope you find something useful that makes your life better in some small way.


  • M2 Macbook Air

    This machine rips. It's always snappy, the battery life refuses to quit, and the keyboard feels just right. I've been using the 15" model for a bit of extra screen space.

  • Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic

    The keyboard I swear by: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic.

  • Logitech MX Master

    The mouse I use all day: Logitech MX Master.

  • Aer Backpack

    My everyday carry bag lately is the Aer Go Pack 2. I'm a fan of their thoughtful, straightforward design.

  • Owalla Freesip

    I drink from this Owalla Freesip. No leaks and a refreshingly useful built-in straw set this one apart.

  • Shure MV88

    I use this microphone to record videos on my iPhone: Shure MV88.

  • Baratza Encore

    Coffee Grinder I use: Baratza Encore.

  • Aeropress

    Favorite single-serve coffee maker: Aeropress.

  • Kalita Wave

    Favorite coffee dripper: Kalita Wave.


  • Acquired

    Learn the playbooks that built the world’s greatest companies — and how you can apply them as a founder, operator, or investor. Listen to podcast →

  • The Big Picture

    Sean Fennessey and Amanda Dobbins review the movies you need to see. Plus: Top 5s, Movie Drafts, Oscars analysis, and more, featuring a rotating cast of Ringer colleagues like Chris Ryan, Van Lathan, and Bill Simmons. Listen to podcast →

  • Blank Check

    Not just another bad movie podcast, Blank Check with Griffin & David reviews directors' complete filmographies episode to episode. Specifically, the auteurs whose early successes afforded them the rare ‘blank check’ from Hollywood to produce passion projects. Listen to podcast →

  • Conversations with Tyler

    On the Conversations with Tyler podcast, esteemed economist Tyler Cowen engages with today’s most underrated thinkers in wide-ranging explorations of their work, the world, and everything in between. Listen to podcast →

  • Founders

    Learn from history's greatest entrepreneurs. Every week I read a biography of an entrepreneur and find ideas you can use in your work. Listen to podcast →

  • Huberman Lab

    Regularly ranked as the #1 health podcast in the world, Dr. Huberman discusses science and science-based tools for everyday life. New episodes are released every Monday. Listen to podcast →

  • Invest Like the Best

    Conversations with the best investors and business leaders in the world. We explore their ideas, methods, and stories to help you better invest your time and money. Listen to podcast →

  • The Watch

    Every week, The Ringer's Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan -- longtime friends and pop culture addicts -- break down the latest in TV, movies, and music. Listen to podcast →

  • The Knowledge Project

    Shane Parrish sits down with some of the world’s most influential people on a journey to master the best of what they have figured out. He uncovers the earned secrets, important insights, and specific tactics that help him, and you, achieve success and live a more fulfilled life. Listen to podcast →

  • Lenny's Podcast

    Interviews with world-class product leaders and growth experts to uncover concrete, actionable, and tactical advice to help you build, launch, and grow your own product. Listen to podcast →

  • Dissect

    A serialized music podcast that examines a single album per season, one song per episode. Listen to podcast →

  • Hardcore History

    Journalist and broadcaster Dan Carlin takes his "Martian", unorthodox way of thinking and applies it to the past. Listen to podcast →


  • Lenny's Newsletter

    Lenny's Newsletter — Top notch product and growth advice from someone who's actually done the work as one of Airbnb's lead product managers. If you build software, it's an incredible value.

  • Nat Eliason's Monday Medley

    Nat Eliason's Monday Medley — Nat's an undeniably fascinating renaissance thinker. Regenerative farming? Groundbreaking note-taking systems? The hidden perils of virtual reality? Every week he serves up delightful commentary on a couple handfuls of links on wildly different topics. And it's always good.

  • NextDraft

    NextDraft — A witty, irreverent daily editorial summary of current news and events by Dave Pell. Love puns? You can't help but fall head-over-heels for his headlines.

  • Stratechery

    Stratechery — Ben Thompson expertly dissects the strategic decisions of technology giants like Amazon, Apple, and Facebook. His writing via Daily Updates and weekly free articles has been remarkably consistent, fresh, and valuable for anyone who thinks about technology.

  • David Perell

    David Perell — A natural writer, teacher, and wide-ranging seeker of intellectual topics.

  • James Clear

    James Clear — Short, stirring thoughts on self-improvement from the author of one of my all-time favorite productivity books, Atomic Habits. His goal is simple: "Deliver the most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web."

  • Exploding Topics

    Exploding Topics — Get 4 new trends that are surging in popularity in search engines like Google every Thursday. You'll enjoy just enough bite-size commentary to decide whether the trend is worth digging into and incorporating into your next blog post or product concept.

  • — It's like having a seasoned entrepreneur's virtual assistant plop a no-fluff report on an emerging area of opportunity every week. Previous topics include micro-marketplaces, remote work, and paid communities. Expect a format that's biased toward action by clearly outlining the problem, solution, competitors, predictions, key lessons, and helpful links.